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About the Gallery
About the Gallery Studio de Colores Gallery, "Spirit of the Place"

Ann and EdTaos is a town with more artists per capita then Paris, yet it's difficult to meet one. But if you're lucky, when you walk into the beautiful environs of Studio de Colores Gallery - home to the work of Ed Sandoval and Ann Huston -- you may meet two of the Southwest's most acclaimed artists.

Studio de Colores Gallery is located on the quiet, winding lane of Quesnel which is set amidst the historic district and just a stone's throw from Kit Carson Road. At 119 Quesnel, a turquoise 1951 Chevy pick-up truck proudly rests in the front yard. Behind it is the world of Studio de Colores Gallery.

As you step inside a glowing interior of soft sage and gold walls present their art. Ed's canvasses radiate passion and exuberance while Ann's reverberate with quiet, but potent strength.

Jewelry cases gleam with Ed's sterling silver pins of vintage trucks and his trademark "Viejito" or "Old Man". You're apt to see a canvas propped on an easel and covered with the vibrant red undercoat of Ed's paintings. A well-used box of pastels suggests Ann is at work on one of her evocative paintings.

Best of all, the artists themselves may be present, and you'll be treated to their warm graciousness and charm.

The gallery becomes a fitting frame for their brilliant work - which is a celebration of the beauty, power and soul of the northern New Mexico landscape. Within its walls, the "spirit of the place shows through."